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A PY prepares the students for new career with practical training, internship and networking opportunities, thereby preparing them to develop industry-specific skills.

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Professional Year Program (IT, Accounting, Engineering) in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Reservoir

The Professional Year Program is designed to kickstart the careers of international students in Professional Year accounting, Professional Year IT course, and Professional Year engineering in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Reservoir ). It is a structured professional development program combining formal learning and workplace experience for the international student, who has graduated from a university in Australia. It also provides eligibility for migration points towards permanent residency. Upon successful completion of the program, the student earns 5 points towards permanent residency in Australia.

A PYP prepares the individual for a new career with relevant, practical training and workshops, a professional internship and networking opportunities. It allows students to develop industry-specific skills through study and work experience, preparing them for professional careers in the Australian workforce. The main aim is to enhance the employability of international graduates of Accounting, IT and Engineering fields.

It is a minimum of a 44-week work-readiness program gazetted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and managed by respective Professional Bodies.

Over 44 weeks, participants develop workplace skills, become familiar with the norms and values in the Australian workplace as well as the Australian employment market and workplace culture, plus complete an internship placement to enhance career prospects in Australia.

44 Weeks’ Program

Free TR
Course Work

32 Weeks

(Part-time: 1 Or 2 Days/Week)

Refer Friend

12 Weeks

(Part/Full Time: 240 Hours)

Australian Work Practices

Resume & Cover Letter Drafting

Communication & Interview Skills


Professional Internship Placement

Industry-related Events For Networking

Program Structure

A Professional Year Program aims at enhancing the applicant’s professional skills and expanding their employment opportunities.
  • Theoretical Component: This includes workshops and seminars provided by the accredited education providers.
  • Practical Component: A subsequent hands-on unpaid internship with a host company provided by Australian Internships. At the opening and closing programs, participants are introduced to a network with industry representatives.

To qualify for a Professional Year Program, one must:
  • Have graduated from a related higher education program within Australia (minimum 2 years duration)
  • Currently hold or applied for a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485, either stream) with at least 12 months validity
  • Provide evidence of English language proficiency

The cost of Professional Year programs varies according to their providers. In general, a Professional Year Accounting Program costs between $6,000 and $13,000, a Professional Year IT Program starts at $12,930, and a Professional Year Engineering Program starts at $13,000.

  • Updated résumé with cover letter (in .doc format)
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts
  • Proof of English language proficiency (e.g. IELTS, PTE, etc.)
  • Coloured copy of valid passport
  • Copy of 485 Skilled Graduate Visa
  • Coloured passport photograph (in hard form or .jpeg format) To apply, please submit these documents to one of our Education providers

  • Apply for a 485 Skilled Graduate Visa
  • Apply for the PYP through a partner Education Provider (listed above)
  • Complete application form and submit client requirements including payment to education provider
  • Receive Letter of Acceptance
  • Pay the outstanding program fees
  • Receive the Certificate of Enrolment
  • Commence the Theoretical Component of the program
  • Australian Internships arranges a suitable placement
  • Commence the Practical Component of the program. Australian Internships monitors progression throughout internship program

Earn 5 Extra Points With Professional Year Programs

Education Centre Of Australia

Welcome to the Education Centre of Australia – a place where quality education meets practical application. As the leading Australia Center for Education, you get many options of programs that not only align with international educational standards but also with the vision of creating globally competent professionals. The field-focused approach combines theoretical learning with real-world exposure, providing learners with a well-rounded education that opens new dimensions for their career success. So, why wait? Get a quote from Asia Pacific Group today and let your career begin its success journey.

Professional Year Engineering Program
Expand the borders of your professional career with Australia’s high-in-demand Professional Year Engineering program. Asia Pacific Group offers a huge platform that paves your path to succeed in the dynamic and competitive world of engineering. With unique opportunities to learn directly from industry professionals.
The Professional Year Engineering program elevates your practical skills to set you apart in the engineering industry. Professional Year Engineering fees in Australia are affordable and provide an excellent return on investment by offering unmatched learning, networking, and potential permanent residency opportunities. Learn More
Professional Year IT Program
Want to level up your IT skills effectively yet affordably? Try the Professional Year IT Program in Australia. Mastered by leading industry professionals, the IT Professional Year program is aimed at putting together your theoretical knowledge with necessary hands-on experience. Enroll in 44 weeks of intensive learning and become an IT professional aspirant.
We believe in affordable pricing, hence we guide you with Professional Year IT fees at its best price with no hidden charges. Begin your IT journey with Asia Pacific Group and see a positive improvement in your skills and career prospects. Be a part of the journey, that is worth every penny. Get in touch with us TODAY! Learn More
Professional Year Accounting Program
Immerse yourself in the world of practical accounting with the Accounting Professional Year program. It’s not just a course, but a journey that will mold you into an established professional. It focuses on bridging the gap between theoretical studies and hands-on practice. The importance of the course is its all-round coverage of Australian work practices and principles.
The Accounting Professional Year Fees are budget-friendly so, the stress of paying too much won’t be a concern anymore. It is an opportunity that opens the door to a world of multiple job opportunities. Kick-start your accounting career today with Asia Pacific Group. Learn More
Professional Year Program
Invest in your future today with the Professional Year program in Australia. The tailor-made syllabus prepares you for real-world challenges and empowers you to take your career path to greater heights. Be trained by industry experts themselves and enjoy the perfect blend of theory and practical training.
With regard to Professional Year program fees, we assure you that it will be pocket-friendly. The affordability of the PY programs without compromising on its quality is one of the program’s standout features. Enroll with Asia Pacific Group today and set your career in motion.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Professional Year Program is a program implemented by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection to take care of Australia’s skill deficiency. It offers an opportunity for international students who have graduated from an Australian university to work in Australia and gain practical work experience in their field of study. This program is currently run for the fields of Accounting, IT and Engineering. On successfully completing the program, these students earn 5 points towards Australian permanent residency.
A professional year program gives a wonderful opportunity to put theoretical knowledge into practical application, making CV more impressive with an Australian work experience, a nationally accredited certificate and a Professional Year Certificate, which will also boost future career prospects. Furthermore, it gives a chance to expand professional networks. More importantly, upon completion of the program, one earns 5 points towards Australian PR.
One would need either a subclass 485 Temporary Resident Visa for skilled migration or evidence of application for a Bridging visa.
Depending upon the professional year program provider and type of program one wants to take, all fees are set up by accredited providers. The provider has detailed information on course start dates, fees structure, internship placements, and more. It is recommended that prospective students contact their providers and request information in order to make an informed decision prior to enrolling.
The internship goes on for 12 weeks, and the minimum attendance requirement is 3 days every week.
Internship is part of the Professional Year Program component and isn’t paid for.
Choosing the best provider entirely depends on one’s personal preferences like fees, course, instalment options, internships, etc.
All in all, a professional year program lasts 44 weeks, out of which 32 weeks are focussed on coursework on Business Communication and Australian workplace skills, which will be followed by a 12-week internship in an Australian workplace, in chosen profession
One should hold a subclass 485 visa. Alternatively, one could furnish proof of application for a Bridging visa too. Also, one needs to have completed graduation in a higher education program of a minimum of 2 years in Australia along with skill assessment done from a recognized professional institute.
No, completion of a professional year program does not guarantee permanent residency in Australia. However, the PY program graduate is awarded five (5) points under an eligible skilled occupation, which may help the candidate score points for permanent residency in Australia.