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Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa (Subclass 403)

Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa (Subclass 403)

The visa application process for Temporary Work Visa (International Relations) (subclass 403) can be categorized into three streams namely, Government Agreement Stream, Foreign Government Agency Stream, and Domestic Worker Stream.

The Government Agreement Stream allows temporary visits to Australia under bilateral agreements. The Foreign Government Agency Stream allows representatives of foreign governments to temporarily live in Australia without official status. The Domestic Worker Stream allows domestic help to Diplomatic (Temporary) visa holders.

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  • You can temporarily enter Australia and finish the task or project listed in your visa application.
  • Travel back and forth Australia often while your visa is still valid.

Key Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have a sincere intention of temporarily living in Australia
  • You should own an adequate safety net of funds and health insurance to survive for the length of their stay in Australia
  • You should fulfil the prerequisites for character and health as per the standards set by the country
  • You must fulfil the requirements of the stream in which you have applied
  • You must have a valid temporary substantive visa – subclass 771 for transit, subclass 403 for temporary work in international relations, and special purpose visas for domestic workers
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FAQs about Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa (Subclass 403)

The Temporary Work (International Relations) Visa (Subclass 403) allows specific work or diplomatic missions in Australia through various streams such as Government Agreement, Foreign Government Agency, Domestic Worker, Privileges and Immunities.
Subclass 403 visa eligibility requires sponsorship from an approved organization, meeting health and character requirements, and having sufficient funds to support oneself and family members.
The Department of Home and Affairs website allows online Subclass 403 visa applications, requiring necessary documents such as identification and proof of sponsorship.
The processing time for this visa varies based on application completeness and complexity, so it is recommended to check the official Australian immigration website for the latest information.