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Professional Year Program in Accounting

Professional Year Accounting Program

Are you considering a Professional Year Program in Accounting? Fantastic! You are on the right track. The Professional Year Program in Accounting is designed with the intention to boost your career prospects. It is a well-curated, comprehensive program designed to enhance the practical skills and employability of international accounting graduates in Australia. It is a unique combo of formal learning and workplace experience.

The key goal of the PYP in accounting is to help international students move smoothly from a school environment to a real job in Australia. First, it boosts the job-related skills and knows how that they need to shine at work. Second, it helps international students get to know the work habits, rules, and ethics of Australia. Therefore, the program gives them an advantage when they are looking for jobs globally, which makes it a lot easier for them to get a job when they finish studying.

Apart from equipping you to excel in your profession, you also earn extra points towards your permanent residency (PR) application in Australia. A win-win situation, isn’t it? Enrolling in Professional Year Program in Accounting is your ticket to a successful accounting career. So, are you ready to take your career to the next level?

About PYP Accounting

The Professional Year Accounting Program is designed for international students to provide professional experience in an approved Australian workplace and gain valuable and relevant work experience.

Benefits of the Program

The benefits of a Professional Year Program in IT are many. Here are a few highlights:

  • Develops practical skills that are valued by employers
  • Accelerates career progression
  • Offers networking opportunities with industry professionals
  • Improves job-readiness
Price & Duration

The price of the professional year in IT ranges from $6,000 to $13,000. The duration of the program is 44 weeks (minimum) including 32 weeks training in-class and 12 weeks internship placement.

Accounting SMIPA

SMIPA is an accounting program for professionals that got the green light from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The brains behind its development are three leading accounting groups in Australia – CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants ANZ and the Institute of Public Accountants.

Exceptional Deals on Professional Year Program in Accounting

  • Substantial Scholarships for Professional Year Programs Now Accessible
  • Customized 485 (PY + NAATI) PR packages
  • Flexible intake dates and affordable payment plans
  • Professional Year Program providers across disciplines IT, Engineering, and Accounting
  • We service multiple locations, including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Reservoir
  • Complimentary Temporary Residency Visa 485 application
  • Get up to 50% discount on all our migration services
  • Generous referral incentive of up to $300
  • Avail unlimited PTE coaching at a discounted price of $350 & other PTE packages
  • Free consultation on your PR pathways options
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