Asia Pacific Group (APG) has helped hundreds of families migrate to their favorite countries – be it Australia, Canada or elsewhere around the world. The Company has assisted thousands of skilled professionals, students and many others get permanent residency in developed nations where they get better healthcare facilities, education, and lifestyle along with great living and working environment.

Most of individuals go abroad with the ultimate objective of getting permanent residency of that nation. We assist them at each and every stage of the process – right from their first meeting with us to the point they land in their desired nation. And that’s not it, we also assist them in foreign land with services like visa extension, course change, temporary visa, spouse/partner visa, etc.

We at Asia Pacific Group (APG) provide customized solutions to the clients depending upon their profile, ascertaining variety of factors. We completely understand that every client has a different requirement, background, and financial health; and suggest them the best possible solution.

For more information or to check your eligibility for migration, please feel free to fill our Quick Contact Form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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