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Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa (Subclass 494)

Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa (Subclass 494)

Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa (subclass 494) is a provisional visa that allows qualified workers who receive a nomination from employers in Australia to fill labour shortages in the country that cannot be filled by local employed workers. With this visa, you can stay and work in the country up to five years.

You have to do well on the skills assessment criteria in accordance with the standards set by the Australian government for the visa grant. You might face difficulty in applying for this visa; therefore, it is best advised to have a registered migration agent by your side. With their expertise and extensive knowledge migration services, the professionals at Asia Pacific Group will help you make your migration journey easier.

Key Eligibility Criteria for Employers

  • The employer needs to be located in one of the regional areas of Australia.
  • The company should have clearance from the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) in the particular regional area where they are based, before nominating the applicant.
  • Your employment must be real, full-time, and ensure the skilled worker for five years by the company.
  • The applicant’s salary must be commensurate with the current market rate.

Key Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Workers

  • The skilled professionals are required to meet the eligibility criteria for a successful skills evaluation.
  • The skilled workers must have three years of full-time work experience.
  • You should not be older than 45 years.
  • You must be fluent in English at least at a functional level.
  • You must have a valid nomination from a work sponsor.
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FAQs About Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa (SUBCLASS 494)

Subclass 494 Visa is a regional visa that allows skilled workers to work for a recognized employer in a specific regional area of Australia.

Your occupation must be on the Regional Occupation List (ROL), have a job offer from a company in a specified regional area, meet the English language and skill criteria, and pass character and health checks to be eligible for this visa.

A list of jobs that are in demand in Australia's designated regional areas is called the Regional Occupation List (ROL). Your occupation needs to be on this list to apply for the Subclass 494 Visa.

Yes, to apply for this visa, you need to have a job offer from an employer in a defined regional area. Your employer must nominate you for a visa and be an authorized sponsor.

You need to prove your proficient English language abilities that can be done by taking English language assessment tests, such PTE or IELTS.