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Business Entrepreneur Visa 188E

Business Entrepreneur Visa 188E

With the Business Entrepreneur Visa (subclass 188E), a provisional visa, you can engage in entrepreneurial activity in Australia. You are limited to a four-year, three-month stay in the country, given it is a provisional visa. Further, you are allowed to change your temporary visa into a permanent one.

You will need to remain aware of the needs and requirements to ensue successful visa application. The team of visa specialists at Asia Pacific Group puts its clients’ needs first so they can pursue their goals in Australia. Let us get stared with the process.


  • EOI (Expression of Interest) must be submitted before you apply for the visa application.
  • A nomination from an Australian State or Territory is required before visa invitation.
  • Eligibility for visa is limited to people who are 55 years above.
  • Entrepreneurial activity must be complied with genuine intention to continue.
  • A lawful agreement for funding of at least AUD200,000 is a must.
  • Nominations can come from Commonwealth Government Agency, State or Government Agency, Public Funded Research Organisation, Higher Education Provider, or Australian Venture Capital Limited Partnership.
  • No history of unlawful activities in Australia should be in your name.
  • Functional Level of English Language skills is required.
  • Health and character requirements must be fulfilled as set standards by the Australian government.
  • For individuals under 18 years, an Australian Values Statement must be signed.
  • No debt pending with the Australian Government or Australian Authorities.
  • No previous cancellation or refusal of a visa by Australian government.

Key Eligibility Requirements

  • First, you need to submit EOI i.e., Expression of Interest.
  • Gather important documents that includes identity, health & character, significant investor, and dependent documents.
  • Apply online through an Immiaccount.
  • Cross verify status updates, health exams, biometrics, investments, or any immediate changes before application review.
  • Authorities will decide on the application, providing details like visa grant number and starting date.
  • If the visa is denied, the authorities will provide an update and reason for the denial.
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