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Business Significant Investment Visa 188C

Business Significant Investment Visa 188C

The second type of Australian business visa is the Significant Investment Visa (subclass 188C). This visa is reserved exclusively for those who are willing to spend AUD 5 million or more in Australian investments meeting certain criteria and continuing to support investment activities in the country. You can stay in the country for four years and three months with this visa.

Fewer people are aware of the fact that after you have fulfilled certain requirements, this temporary visa can be converted into a permanent one. This is where you will need a trustworthy migration agent on your side, helping you with everything related to your visa application. Therefore, the experts at Asia Pacific Group are working dedicatedly to waive off all the difficult aspects of your visa application on your behalf.


  • For this visa, you must be nominated by an Australian State or Territory.
  • You have to have the means of invest AUD $5 million.
  • You should not have a history of investing activities that the nation deems inappropriate.
  • You need to be able to communicate in English at least at functional level.
  • You have to fulfil the required standards for character and health.
  • You must sign an Australian values statement with the Australian Authorities if you are eighteen years of age or older.
  • You must not owe the Australian Government any money at this time.
  • There should not be any history of cancelled or denied visa applications with the Australian government.
  • For the duration of your stay in Australia, you must have sufficient health insurance.

Key Eligibility Requirements

  • First, you need to get a nomination from an Australian State or Territory Government.
  • Gather important documents that includes identity, health & character, significant investor, and dependent documents.
  • Apply online through an Immiaccount.
  • Cross verify status updates, health exams, biometrics, investments, or any immediate changes before application review.
  • Authorities will decide on the application, providing details like visa grant number and starting date.
  • If the visa is rejected, the authorities will provide an update and reason for the denial.
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