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Family Sponsored Visa

Family Sponsored Visa

The Australian Immigration Department came up with the family visa program with the aim to support family unity. After meeting a few requirements, the visa gives spouses, parents, kids, and other family members the right to immigrate to Australia. Australian citizens, permanent residents, and qualified citizens of New Zealand are the key applicants sponsoring these visas.

Partner Category Visa

A spouse may immigrate to Australia with this visa to settle in the country. After you have entered the country, you are granted temporary residency, which you can convert to permanent residency after a few years. The partner categories include:

  • Those who are spouses or married partners
  • Those who are fiancée or fiancé
  • Those who are willing to get married, including same-sex partners

Applicants seeking immigration must have a partner who is:

  • a person who lives permanently in Australia
  • an Australian citizen
  • an eligible citizen of New Zealand

Parent Visa

A parent visa is granted to applicants whose qualifying children remain in Australia, either as permanent residents, New Zealand citizens, or Australian citizens. Children must be primary sponsors for this type of family visa immigration. Parent visas are granted for both working and retired individuals, and those who immigrate may choose to work there. Initially, few parent visas are available for temporary settlement, but can be converted to permanent types. For a higher fee, the “Contributory Parent Visa” provides accelerated immigration processing. Because Australian immigration officials on a limited basis award parent visas each year, there may be a waiting list for applicants.

Child Visa

A child visa is also granted under a number of subclasses, similar to parent visas. Generally speaking, a parent who is permanently resident in Australia, an Australian citizen, or a qualified citizen of New Zealand must sponsor a child visa. If the child in question is already in Australia, they may be able to come as a dependent child, orphaned relative, or as a permanent resident. A dependent child visa, an adoption visa, or an orphaned relative visa may be obtained if the child in question is an offshore candidate.

Other Family Members

Siblings, dependent family members, caregivers, and others may also enter Australia on a temporary visa that can subsequently be converted to a permanent one. The following people are sponsoring these family visas for Australia:

  • Citizens of Australia
  • Permanent residents of this nation
  • Eligible nationals of New Zealand.

Asia Pacific Group takes great care while assessing family visa immigration to Australia. Prior to submission, each application is thoroughly examined and the important supporting documentation is sent. Character references and health compliance reports are important documents needed for immigration to Australia.

For any questions regarding Family Sponsored Visa, please reach out to us. Assisting you will be a pleasure for us.

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FAQs About Family Sponsored Visa for Australia

The Family Sponsored Visa allows eligible family members of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to stay, work, and study in the country.

Australian citizens, eligible New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents can sponsor their family members for a Family Sponsored Visa, only if they meet the necessary requirements of Australia.

Eligible family relationships for sponsorship in Australia include partners, children, parents, and certain other relatives. The specific eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of relationship.

The age limit for family members sponsored to Australia depends on the visa subclass, with some visas having age restrictions and others not. It is important to check the visa requirements for your specific visa.

Yes, depending on the visa subclass and its eligibility criteria, family members with a valid Family Sponsored Visa are allowed to work in Australia.