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There is a huge new area of opportunities, scopes and challenges belonging to future of automotive industry, and this is what the workforce needs to be prepared for. Automotive courses are especially designed to cater to present and future needs of this industry. The Automotive course concentrates on helping students apply hands-on expertise developed and use it on the job.
  • Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology (Light Vehicle)
  • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical
  • Diploma of Automotive Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive Engineering) (Honors)
  • Master of Engineering (International Automotive Engineering)

Automotive courses enable the students to become job-ready and provide them deep knowledge and insights on different aspects of the industry, including:

Training and knowledge of different subjects Information on latest technology
Learning and diagnosing mechanical systems Automotive electrical maintenance
Automotive repair and maintenance Knowledge of fuel & ignition systems


Nursing is a critical profession in Australia’s healthcare system, and its importance cannot be overstated. Here are some reasons why nursing is essential in Australia. Here are different levels of programs one can take up in the field of nursing.
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Nursing (By Research)
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Graduate Certificate/Degree in Nursing
  • Master of Nursing

There are a number of fields that nurses work in. Here are a few to name:

  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • General Practices
  • Community Settings
  • Prisons
  • Residential Settings

High number of students take up nursing because of following reasons:

  • High demand
  • Huge number of opportunities

Commercial Cookery

Programs in Hospitality & Cookery can help the students gain a wider view of the industry and give opportunities for practical experience and earning across large restaurants/hotels, exclusive resorts and casinos to roadside motels and many more areas. Courses offered are
  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Certificate IV in Patisserie
  • Certificate IV in Hospitality (Catering Operations)
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Associate Degree of Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality

The Hospitality & Cookery industry demands courteous treatment and greeting of guests. It comes under the tourism & service industry and spans out to various areas like:

  • Transportation
  • Hotels
  • Theme Parks
  • Lodging
  • CafĂ©s
  • Restaurants
  • Caterers

Hospitality Management Course includes management of

  • Hotels
  • Guests
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Human Resource
  • Monitoring the Food Service Region, and
  • Solving Different Kinds of Problems


Firms that specialize in joinery work usually employ students taking up carpentry, and they work mainly indoors. There is a huge demand and scope of carpenters and joiners in Australia, and students learning the core of it can have a promising career.

Carpenters and joiners construct, erect, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures. Their skill-sets include:

  • setting the outline of the building on the ground with string and pegs to allow for excavations
  • erecting floor & wall framework
  • pitching roof
  • erecting suspended ceilings
  • may also need to read plans and specifications of buildings

Subjects Offered

  • Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • Handle carpentry materials
  • Carry out general demolition of minor building structures
  • Carry out setting out
  • Carry out levelling operations
  • Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
  • Plan and organize work, and more

Courses Offered

  • Certificate III in Carpentry
  • Diploma in Building & Construction

Painting & Decoration

Taking up this course will allow you to gain the practical skills for work as residential or commercial painter or decorator. You will engage in all aspects of the Painting and Decorating trade and build on underpinning knowledge to assist you within the industry

Painting industry goes hand in hand with building & construction and a lot many other things. Here are the reasons good number of students take up painting courses:

  • Great Scope
  • Easy Employability
  • Handsome Income
  • Promising Career

This course allows the taker to gain practical skills for work as residential or commercial painter or decorator.

  • Course Duration: 3 years part-time program
  • Eligibility: Successful completion of Australian Year 12, or overseas equivalent
  • English Requirement: IELTS score 5.5 overall (no score below 5.0 in each of the component) or equivalent. Certain schools may require higher or lower scores for admission.
  • Fees: AUD$15,000 to AUD$20,000 (varying from provider to provider)

Students will be doing the following tasks upon taking up the course:

  • Selecting and preparing paints to required colors by mixing portions of pigment, oil, and thinning and drying additives
  • Applying paints, varnishes and stains to surfaces using brushes, rollers and sprays
  • Hanging wallpaper, matching patterns and trimming edges
  • Cleaning equipment and work areas and more

Aged Care

Aged Care Courses can lead you to a promising career that can take you in many directions. You may get to work on the frontline assisting the elderly or even in administration and management. Here are some of the career outcomes you may come across after completing your Aged Care program.
  • Aged Care Assistant
  • Aged Care Nurse
  • Assistant in Nursing (AIN Course)
  • Community Support Worker
  • Home Care or Personal Care Assistant (PCA Aged Care)
  • Care Supervisor or Team Leader
  • Residential Care Work
  • Respite Care
  • Aged Care Management

Courses Offered:

  • Certificate III in Aged Care
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care

Completion of Certificate III and IV courses provides enough knowledge and expertise for the majority of careers in Aged Care. Course-taker will be employed in roles like:

  • Aged Care Assistant
  • Assistant in Nursing (AIN)/AIN Aged Care
  • Care Worker
  • Home Care Assistant
  • Personal Care Assistant (PCA)/PCA Aged Care
  • Residential Care Work

Social & Community Work

Social work is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups, and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. Social work professionals may be part of following activities:
  • Resolve problems of people
  • Resolve problems of community
  • Help people fight mental health problems
  • Help people fight substance abuse
  • Help people resolve general life problems

To join the social work and community services program social worker skill assessment is necessary. Each program provides students with skills in social advocacy. Course levels available in social work and community services are:

  • Undergraduate/Diploma programs
  • Bachelor’s degree programs
  • Master’s degree programs
While bachelor’s degree programs can lead to work in non-clinical social work positions, master’s degree programs prepare students to get license as clinical social or community workers.

Qualifications Offered

  • Bachelor’s of Social Work (3-Year Program)
  • Master’s of Social Work (2-Year Program)
  • Diploma of Community Services (1-Year Program)
  • Bachelor’s of Community Services (3-Year Program)
  • Master’s of Community Services (2-Year Program)

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education course is great to enhance your skills and techniques especially when you are ready to take up your permanent job in this field. Levels of Early Childhood Educational Programs Available
  • Resolve problems of people
  • Resolve problems of community
  • Help people fight mental health problems
  • Help people fight substance abuse
  • Help people resolve general life problems

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education

  • The students learn to support children’s wellbeing, learning and development.
  • Course Duration: 6 months to 1 year, depending upon provider
  • Eligibility: Completion of year 12 or equivalent
  • EnglishRequirement: IELTS overall band of 5.5 (Academic Module) with no individual band below 5.0.
  • Fees: AUD$7,000 to AUD$10,000

Bachelors in Early Childhood Education

  • Course Duration: 3 to 4 Year Full-Time Program
  • Eligibility: Completion of year 12 or equivalent
  • English Requirement: IELTS overall band of 6.5 (Academic Module) with no individual band below 6.0.
  • Fees: AUD$120,000+ for full course (may vary from provider to provider).

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

  • It qualifies the person to plan, implement and manage programs in early childhood services.
  • Course Duration: 1.5 Years
  • Eligibility: Completion of year 12 or equivalent
  • English Requirement: IELTS overall band of 5.5 (Academic Module) with no individual band below 5.0.
  • Fees: AUD$12,000 to AUD$25,000

Building & Construction

Building and construction is one of the most important industries in a nation that is expanding. With new people coming in and present population increasing, there is always need and scope for more space and infrastructure – and this not only includes buildings, but also other infrastructure like roads, railways, towers, etc. Construction & Building is defined by Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) as the industry involved in:
  • Deconstructing
  • Constructing
  • Renovating
  • Reconstructing
  • Alternating
  • Relocating
  • Demolishing
  • Maintaining & Repairing

Students taking up Building & Construction courses may work for construction, maintenance and repair of:

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Railways
  • Pools
  • Storage or Supply of Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Cooling Towers
  • Earthworks, etc.
Courses Offered in Construction and Building

Qualifications Offered

  • Certificate III in Construction and Building
  • Certificate IV in Construction and Building
  • Certificate III in Construction and Building
  • Certificate IV in Construction and Building
  • Diploma of Building and Construction (Building or Management)
  • Bachelor of Building (Construction Management)
  • Graduate Certificate of Construction Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Construction Management
  • Master of Construction Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

The immigration laws in Australia keep on changing. The migration process may vary depending on your case or circumstances, even though the majority of visa subclasses have simple requirements.

A Guardian Visa will allow your parent or legal guardian to accompany you as an international student who is studying in Australia in a university. You can get assistance for eligibility criteria and application details from Asia Pacific Group.

The Department of Home Affairs and the type of visa you apply for will determine how long it takes to process your Australian visa application.

You can apply for a Parent Visa to bring your parents to stay with you in Australia permanently. There are various subclasses under this visa category, each with its own eligibility criteria and application process. To know more, you can contact Asia pacific Group’s experts.

Every visa category has an own set of requirements. Depending on which migration route you decide to apply for, it will depend.

A Spouse Visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live in Australia. You can apply for this visa online or through Asia Pacific Group - a registered migration agent in Australia.

If you want to legally stay in Australia indefinitely, you must apply for an Australian permanent visa. It may serve as a route for obtaining a family visa or a skilled labor visa.

Yes, in most cases, you can work in Australia while being on a Student Visa for a limited number of hours per week during your studies. However, it is important to check the conditions of your visa to ensure compliance. You can reach out to Asia Pacific Group for further guidance.

According to the Australian labor market, the following industries are in high demand:

  • Social services and healthcare
  • Expert, Scientific, and Technological Services
  • Training and Education
  • Building

The requirements for a Work Visa will depend on the type of work you will be doing and personal situation. Primarily, you will need a job offer or sponsor letter from an Australian employer along with certain skill and English language requirements.