Migration Skills Assessment

This is based on a Migration Skills Assessment Program (MSA) for applicants applying for a permanent skilled migration in occupations and countries not covered by the Registered training Organizations (RTO) approved by the Trades Recognition Australia (TRA).

What is the skills assessments requirements ?

  • To apply for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa, at the time of invitation you must designate an occupation that is on the relevant list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • You must provide eligible documentation that show the skills you have attained as suitable for your nominated occupation by the relevant assessing authority.
  • You must provide from the applicable assessing authority a full (permanent) skills assessment which must be eligible to use Points Tested Skilled Migration.
  • The standard by which an evaluating authority commences different types of skills assessments is determined by the assessing authority in accordance with relevant professionality.
  • A skills assessment is only valid until the expiry date specified on the assessment, or when a period of three years from the date of issue has been elapsed, whichever occurs first.
  • Most assessing authorities issue a provisional or subclass 485 skills assessment for recent graduate candidates of Australian educational institutions applying for a subclass 485 visa.
  • The primary difference is that a subclass 485 skills assessment does not require employment in the applicant's profession at the skilled level unlike a full or permanent skills valuation. A suitable provisional skills valuation issued for subclass 485 is not suitable for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa.
  • For doctors specifically, evidence of full registration is a suitable skills valuation for Points Tested Skilled Migration.

They would accept one of the following certificates issued by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency as evidence of full registration:

  • Full/ unconditional/ general medical registration
  • Conditional specialist registration - this registration allows you to practice only in your particular specialty, with no further training or supervision requirements.

For solicitors, evidence of admission to practice as a lawyer in the relevant Sate/Territory is a suitable skills assessment.

Who can assess your skills ?

The list of eligible skilled occupations provides a complete list of the occupations required for relevant assessing authority.

  • It is your responsibility to contact the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation and obtain a Skills assessment.
  • Every assessing authority has its own assessment procedures, timeframes and charges.
  • You are strongly advised to contact the relevant assessing authority to arrange your skills assessment well before your intended to submit your Expression of Interest in SkillSelect.

How to get your skills assessed ?

  • Assessing bodies will require that you have a post-secondary, such as university or trade, qualifications in order to receive a positive assessment of skills.
  • In a smaller number of occupations, substantial relevant work experience may be acceptable.
  • Each assessing authority will be able to advise you what the qualification requirements are for the occupations they assess.

Evaluating authorities role in finding you employment in Australia

  • The assessing authorities are responsible for the undertaking skills assessments for migration purposes and are not employment agencies.
  • The assessing authorities will not reply to requests for a job placement.
  • They are not eligible to give advice on the likely success of your visa application.

Submitting more than one skills assessment

  • You can only possess one nominated occupation when you lodge your Points Tested Skilled Migration application.
  • Prior to the submission of your EOI you may, apply to any number of skills assessment.
  • Once you are invited to apply for a Points Tested Skilled Migration visa in the SkillSelect you will be able to change your designated occupation.

Requirements for the application

  • Once you have been invited to apply and lodge a valid application
  • You must provide a scanned certificate copy of a suitable skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation.

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