Pearson Test of English is international computer based test for study abroad and immigration. PTE integrates all four skills as in IELTS (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing). The test accurately measures the candidates who are non-native speakers of English and required to demonstrate their level of English proficiency.

Pearson Test of English Academic

The Pearson Test of English Academic is a test designed to participate in a university- level English language instruction program. The test is created in response to demand from institutions, government and other organizations for non- native English language students.


To test your ability to listen to spoken English the section uses different variants of English such as summarizing spoken text, multiple answers including fill in the blanks, highlighting correct summary, write from dictation and so on. The duration of the test is 45- 50 minutes. The audio/video clip is played only once and you may take down the notes.


The reading section comprises multiple choice choose single/multiple answers, re-order paragraphs, fill in the blanks. The duration of the test is 30- 41 minutes. The reading skills tested in the PTE includes understanding academic vocabulary and difference between connotation and denotation. Classifying the information and reading a text under timed conditions.

Speaking/ Writing:

The section gives an opportunity to candidates to introduce themselves. You will be asked to speak into a microphone and record your answer. The response to your answer must be within three seconds of hearing the tone else the response will not be recorded. The section includes reading aloud, repeat sentence, describing an image and so on.

The writing part includes summarizing the text and write essay. You may write your response in any standard form of English using recognized spelling convention.

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PTE Practice Tests

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