Carpentry represents a large and important segment of the Australian Construction division. Over the past five years, the bulk of carpentry work has been generated in the residential building market, including the installation of structural components (e.g. framework, roof trusses and cladding) and internal fit-out (e.g. timber flooring, architraves and cabinet joinery).

Carpentry and Painting are one of the most promising trades. It is a line of work which gives the finishing touches to a building or structure.

  • Handle carpentry materials
  • Install and replace windows and doors
  • Construct timber external stairs
  • Use carpentry tools and equipment
  • Construct wall frames
  • Install flooring systems
  • Construct ceiling frames
  • Certificate III

Completed Year 10 or Year 11, some college may require experience

  • IELTS 5.5 no banns less than 5.0 or;
  • Cambridge FCE,CAE,CPE 162 or;
  • Cambridge PTE 42

Depending on relevant educational history and work experience, students are eligible for credit towards the programme they have chosen. This helps avoid repetition in picking up the already learned subjects and qualifications from any previous education - minimising the course costs, improving focus on other units effectively shortening course duration and allowing them to dedicate more time for practical training.

  • Certificate III (2 years)
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Joinery
  • Carpentry

Average Salary:

Years Average Salary
Entry Level
0-5 Years
$ 69,000
5-10 Years
$ 83,000
10-20 Years
$ 106,000

Students have the option to apply for Temporary Graduate visa. Students with these visas have the option to continue studying, working as well as staying in Australia on a temporary basis. Once they have completed their course, based on their specializations, are allowed to stay for two (2) years. An opportunity to gain relevant local work experiences which may be countered towards Permanent Residency.