We are always available at your service right from landing in Australia to getting settled down in Australia. We have specialised and experience representatives who are always there to help you in getting basic things done. In this case of finding an accommodation for you in Australia, you can contact our Counsellors or representatives to ease your life.

Asia Pacific Group will arrange an accommodation for you that fit your needs and keep your homesickness away. Our assistance to the students for accommodation is done by providing detailed information to the students with respect to their University accommodation, hostel facilities, booking, payments etc. in order to keep the student happy and grow with mental ease.

Some basic information about the accommodation cost is given below:

  • Homestay – A$110–270 a week
  • Hostels and guest houses – A$80–135 a week
  • Shared accommodation – A$70–250 a week
  • Boarding schools – A$10,000–20,000 a year
  • Campus accommodation – A$80–250 per week (Most universities and some vocational institutions offer a variety of accommodation on or near campus, such as apartments, residential colleges or halls of residence.)