Australia to Replace Passports with Face Recognition & Fingerprints this Year

The worlds-first, a new self-processing system will be set to replace passports with facial recognition at Australian airports.

In a proposal to avoid the long time-consuming paperwork procedures that the staff take while processing and to quicken and simplify the processing time for travellers, the Australian government is introducing a self-processing system at its major airports and sea ports this 2017.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is currently seeking proposals for a self-processing system which will use the fingerprints, facial or IRIS recognition in the place of paperwork.

The plan is to introduce this new system by the end of the year, to begin in Canberra which has a limited amount of international flights coming in and flying out and later on roll out the procedure across the country. The plan has been said to be completed developed by March 2019 where 90% of the travellers would be able to avail the service.

The Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said this new system will also boost the security of the nation’s border and it would be easier to detect threats.


Pass Updates in Australia | Australian passport updates by australian gov


How would this benefit the travellers?


  • The system reduces the time taken to get through from customs.
  • This would make it easier for foreign nationals to enter the country without a rush to be first in line.
  • People will have to carry their passports but the foreign nationals will not have to present their passports in the long term at all.
  • This would make it safer for citizens to travel and live in Australia.
  • People wouldn’t have to look for paper work while standing in a Que at the clearance booths.
  • Travel with a free mind of enjoying without worrying about whether you picked up the papers or not. ”Or do I have the papers in my bag or in the suitcase worries”.
  • Make it easier to enter and leave the country.
  • The lesser rate of criminal activity in the country.


How does this benefit the country?


  • The new system will introduce a boost into the security of the country and make it easier to detect threats.
  • The system will be more reliable than people scanning passports manually.
  • This would help track detections of people that might come into the country to do the wrong thing.
  • This would boost the countries tourism.
  • Make it easier for the country to track citizens from the time they arrive in the country.
  • Make it easier to enter and leave the country.